Why should we set up fogger or sprinkler irrigation in our cattle shed?

Why should we set up fogger or sprinkler irrigation in our cattle shed? The main answer is temperature control which increases the productivity of cattle. Nowadays temperature is increasing highly, it affecting animals’ health, reproductivity, milk yielding, and other things. The automatic fogging and sprinkler irrigation system is a very effective and easy cooling process for cattle shed. The owners will get profited from this irrigation system.

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Why should we set up fogger or sprinkler irrigation in our cattle shed?

Systems for Sprinkling and Fogging on Dairy Farms

High temperature is one of the most severe issues affecting Bangladeshi dairy producers. In the summer, high temperatures harm animal health and milk yielding. The most straightforward approach to keep the animals cool is to take them to a body of water, such as a pond or a stream, and leave them in the water for at least 2 to 3 hours every day or water them daily by pipelines. The issue with this strategy is that not every dairy producers have access to ponds or rivers and the pipeline process is complex. It is essential for large dairy farms. Alternatively, foggers inside the shed and sprinklers just above the shed might be installed. To run the mechanism, pressurized water is needed. Sprinklers and foggers function by releasing pressurized water at regular intervals. If the regular water pressure is insufficient, a pressure-boosting pump is fitted to generate water pressure. An automated timer device can activate the pump at predetermined time intervals and operate the irrigation process automatically.

How does sprinkler work

Sprinklers are installed on the shed’s roof and shower water is over the top regularly. These resemble water spraying in drip irrigation. When water is sprinkled on the rooftop, the interior air get cool down and maintains a lower internal temperature. The water pipeline for sprinklers must be installed towards the center top of the roof. The water pipes will be 3/4 inch. Each sprinkler is spaced 10 to 15 feet apart. The spray has a 10 to a 15-foot radius. Water flowing from the roof will soak the gunny curtain if it is fastened at the end of the sheets/roof. Because of the wet roof , this will chill the air entering the shed. Water drops on the ground will keep the space cool as well.

How does fogger work

Foggers are tiny nozzles that emit very thin water droplets that resemble fog or mist. These are also referred to as misters or mist systems. For each cow, we need to set individual foggers The majority of these droplets dissipate before they reach the ground. As they evaporate, they lower the temperature of the shed. These are put beneath the shed’s roof, and water pipelines 16 mm PVC 2.5mm thick should be erected within the shed. These pipes have foggers attached to them. Each fogger should have an 8 to the 10-foot distance between them.

 Advantages of sprinkling and fogging

  • A rise in feed consumption
  • Hydration returns to normal
  • Neutralize the maintenance need and metabolic rate.
  • Cut back on evaporative loss
  • Neutralize the hormone levels in the blood.
  • Lower cattle body’s temperature
  • Improved milk production

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