The Ideal Irrigation Service For Your Roof Garden

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Drip Tube 1/2″ or 16mm (BDfactory Made) (ft)
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Adjustable Dripper 4mm
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LDPE drip tube Thickness-1.2mm (ft)
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Micro Drip tube  (ft) 4/7 mm
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1 inch high flow pressure regulator
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DIBL Adjustable Dripper
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Multi-station irrigation controller with internal transformer
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DIBL Tap Connector
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For roof gardens, drip irrigation is the best irrigation system. In Bangladesh Drip Irrigation BD Ltd is an irrigation service provider that is working on any type of irrigational solution. 

Now the days are changing. We also need to replace our old irrigation system with smart irrigation systems. Now we need to upgrade our agriculture system according to the whole world. In a roof garden, drip irrigation is an efficient irrigation system that can save one’s money, time and labour.

Drip irrigation methods

With drip irrigation, we apply water through a dripper to the soil at very low rates (0-70 litres/hour) using a series of emitters or drippers attached to small-diameter plastic pipes.

Several studies show the benefits of drip irrigation systems in the roof garden. With a drip system, it is difficult to overwater or underwater your roof garden plants. It makes it simple to provide your plants with the ideal level of moisture for growth. A drip system, as opposed to sprinklers, may deliver water to the plant’s root system at precisely the proper time. One emitter will do for smaller plants, but you can use up to 3 for larger plants. Drip systems make it simple and affordable to customise them to meet the demands of each plant.

How drip irrigation is efficient for roof gardens?

Water Waste Reduction

You will be able to protect the environment from waste and your money from unnecessary expenditures when you irrigate your plants with a drip irrigation system.  You don’t have to worry about water being wasted because the water is released just adjacent to the plant root. There you will have control over the water supply by adjusting the dripper.    The fact that the drip system does not spill water is an added benefit to this feature. For instance, a drip system won’t mistakenly flood your sidewalk or spray your freshly polished roof furniture or other things. Drip pressure regulators are a fantastic technique to manage water flow.

Easy to install

A drip irrigation system is an easy method to be installed. You can install the whole system above the ground and often covered in mulch or gravel. The drip line(16mm) is simply connected using different drip fittings(drippers) to meet the design of your roof garden plants or you can buy the service from Drip Irrigation BD Ltd.

Easy to use

The whole irrigation system will be connected to a water source. One can regulate the whole system by water tap or you can use a timer. 

Saving labour and time

You don’t need extra labour to water your whole roof garden. Drip irrigation is the smarter solution for your whole roof garden watering process. It will give you relief from the hectic watering days. It will save you valuable time.

Fewer weeds(unwanted plants like grass)

Drip irrigation slows down the development of weeds because it waters the plant right at the base. With the help of a drip irrigation system, weeds are kept from growing everywhere in such regions. So your weeding application will be reduced. 

Fertigation system

We can use liquid fertilisers for drip irrigation to boost plant growth at any stage or to address nutritional deficits that manifest during the growing season. The needs of your crop, the kind of soil, the current nutrient balance, and other considerations will determine the appropriate fertiliser programme and distribution technique. You can apply this method with the help of Drip Irrigation BD Ltd.

Using a Drip Irrigation System to Water roof garden

Watch out not to drown or overwater your plants. You can get on the correct road if you have the right tools and a plan. Depending on your roof garden design, you’ll require a specific type of drip irrigation system. Homeowners choose an exposed irrigation system that is restricted to a limited portion of the roof garden if they want to have a garden. Homeowners usually try to conceal as much of the inner workings of the system used to water trees, flowers, and bushes.


In Bangladesh, you will get the best irrigation service solution from  Drip Irrigation BD Ltd. Drip Irrigation BD Ltd is the best one to provide you with roof garden irrigation. They will mentor you in the whole process. They have quality products and a well-experienced team to offer you quality work. 

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